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Water Proofing

Tri Polarcon Pvt Ltd is a leading Pune based waterproofing service provider, We are also Manufacturer and Supplier of Waterproofing materials. We are offering Waterproofing Services to our clients. We are an outstanding organization, engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Floor Waterproofing Service. Offered service is well-known for its dependability and timely execution. Our professionals work with the clients in a coordinated manner to understand their specific needs and offer them exact solutions.

A qualified industrial waterproofing contractor can show viral lead for your avocation. an impressive industrial waterproofing system has potential to salvage your finances by preventing blow to your business area.


Triguard Xtra

TRIGUARD Xtra is an elastomeric waterproof coating based on high performance acrylic co-polymers. Applied as a liquid it cures to form a durable, protective, waterproof membrane.It is a single component emulsion containing inert pigments suitable for application by brush, spray or roller.
* Elastomeric - capable of bridging cracks up to
2 mm.
* Easily applied by roller, brush or airless spray.
* Provides barrier against salts and atmospheric gases.
* Waterproof - protects concrete from waterborne salts.
* U.V. stable - maintains its appearance.
* High build coating ,Excellent elongation
* Breathability for preventing moisture in walls and roofs (MICROPOROUS).
* Can be applied on damp surfaces.
* Excellent alkali resistance
* Resistance to chalking & flaking
* UV resistant for outstanding durability
* Excellent water resistance.
* Anti-fungal & anti -algal resistance
* Very good adhesion to various substrates and to itself.

Triguard SBR-LATEX

TRIGUARD-SBR LATEX is an emulsion of single component styrene butadiene co-polymer based latex specially developed to improve the properties of cementations compositions. It is used in combination with Portland cement, it improve the mechanical properties such as bonding agent with various building material, compression, flexural and impact strength.
Areas of Application
* For repairing of Spalled concrete of floors, columns, beams, chhajas, slabs, parapets, etc.
* For waterproofing of Small roof terraces, sunken portions of toilets & bathrooms, chhajas & lift pits, balconies & staircases.
* As a bonding agent - Bonding mortar for tiles & panels, as undercoat for special finishes such as top rendering coat for chemical resistant floors.
* For bonding of new concrete to old concrete, masonry stone work, plastering.
* For Fixing or re-fixing of slip bricks, tiles, stones & marble bedding.
* Repairing of concrete masonry walls-internal, external & terrace roofs by cement mortar.
Features & Advantages
* Bond strongly to concrete, masonry, stonework, plasters, cementitious surfaces, asphalt & most of the building materials * Easy to use as it is a single component.
* It reduces shrinkage, prevents cracking, dust pick up & improves abrasion resistance.
* Reduces viscosity of cement injection grout for better fluidity & bonding.
* Resistance to fungus and micro-organism growth.

Triguard PUAR/PUAL

Triguard PU Topcoat High Gloss is a two component, polyurethane topcoat (direct to metal) with a high gloss finish. This Topcoat contains anti corrosion chemicals offering excellent corrosion protection. Application enables fast operation - reducing costs, excellent air-dry und force dry capabilities. All Toners are chromate and lead free and provides excellent UV protection. Advantages:- Excellent corrosion resistance
* Excellent water and blister resistance
* High gloss
*Excellent adhesion (especially to metal substrates, such as steel, galvanized steel or untreated aluminum)
* Excellent exterior durability
* Ambient self-crosslinking offers excellent chemical and solvent resistance
* Industrial Maintenance Finishes for steel and concrete
* Commercial Architectural Finishes for metal
* Institutional Coatings for concrete and masonry
* DIY Metal Coatings
* General Industrial Finishes for metal
* Transportation Coatings (e.g., railcar, shipping containers)

Triguard LW

Liquid integral waterproofing admixture for all types of concrete and mortar.
1)Compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement
. 2)Minimizes loss of mortar due to rebound in plastering jobs, hence great ease of application and saving.
3) Required at a very small dosage, hence economical.
4) Improves water tightness to a great extent
5)Performs multiple roles of water reducer as well as waterproofer.
6) Improves workability without increased water content
7) Reduced shrinkage, better finish
8) No added chloride thus not contributing to corrosion of steel

Triguard EPZP

Triguard EPZP , an epoxy zinc Phosphate primer, is supplied as a single component grey-coloured liquid based on metallic zinc and epoxy
Uses Triguard EPZP is the recommended anti-corrosion primer for exposed steel reinforcement for use with repair mortars. The product provides a barrier to further corrosive elements such as chlorides attacking the steel. Compatible with all mortars and fluid micro-concretes.
* Excellent protective barrier to the steel from further corrosive attack
* Single component product - easy to use with no restrictive pot-life
* Time saving - touch dry after 15 - 45 minutes
* Economical - single component ensures almost no waste

Triguard WFM/WFG

WFM &WFG ARE Matt & gloss finish.One pack waterborne polyurethane based interior wall finish designed to provide rich,lustrous,very smooth and hard film the to provide hygienic surface. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES * It forms a very smooth and hard film. * Good resistance to microbes- Due to incorporation of broad spectrum fungicide, Itresists growth of microbes. * Good resistance to water and cleaning chemicals. * Unmatched rich and lustrous finish. * As it is waterborne it is environment and user friendly. * Elastomeric Film keeps the cracks in the walls covered. * Non Smelling. * Easy to clean * Very high stain resistance. RECOMMENDED USE * Sterile and clean rooms in pharmaceutical industry. * Electronics assembly and Computer Rooms. * Hospitals * Hotels and Flight Kitchens. * Dairies and Breweries. * Food and Meat Processing Plants. * Residential Premises

Triguard Elastica

Acrylic based highly elastomeric waterproof coating having excellent flexibility that prevents peeling, fungi / algae growth, future cracks, weathering resistance and water seepage.
* Exterior RCC surface,
* Masonry walls or facades,
* Stone walls
* Asbestos
* Sloping roofs

Features / Advantages -
* High build coating
* Excellent elongation
* Crack bridging capacity existing up to 0.5mm.
* Breathability for preventing moisture in walls and roofs (MICROPOROUS).
* Can be applied on damp surfaces.
* Excellent alkali resistance
* Resistance to chalking & flaking
* UV resistant for outstanding durability
* Excellent water resistance

Triguard MM80

Triguard MM80 when used in combination with standard quality of ordinary Portland cement, it enhances the mechanical properties such as bonding (adhesion) with various building materials, flexural, compression and impact strength. It improves the thin section fragility of cement when used as coating.
* Triguard MM 80 is easily mixed with cement, cures to a hard, tough, wear resistant surface & bonds (adheres) strongly to most of the building materials.
* Triguard MM 80 can be over coated by exterior emulsion coating or cement based paints. It can be applied to uniform thickness coating on horizontal and vertical surfaces
. * Triguard MM 80 allows trapped water vapour to escape and prevents blistering and adhesion failure.
* Makes cement mortar or coating compact thus preventing salt penetration into concrete.
* It is unaffected by UV light and prevents discoloration of concrete and corrosion in steel due to its alkali nature.
Triguard MM80 is resistant to water, dilute acids & alkali solutions. Coating is highly durable even in continuous contact with water.
* It is non-flammable, non-hazardous. Non toxic to human being.
* Resistant to fungus and microorganism growth.

Triguard 2K Flex

Triguard 2k Flex is highly flexible, thyrotrophic two pack material of high solids polymer with modified cement bound mineral material. Triguard 2k Flex is paint able and has high adhesion with concrete/masonry surfaces. The coating of Triguard 2k Flex possesses high flexural and tensile strength and thus elastic in nature. Features / Advantages
* High Water Resistance
* Breathable membrane
* No water curing required
* Excellent adhesion to Brick work, concrete/masonary,other cement bound surfaces,
* Seamless, non-toxic
* Easy to apply
Fields of Application:-
Triguard 2k Flex is used for:
Waterproofing of terrace, roof lawn, parking decks, ramp.
Sealing of Strained basements wall.
Waterproofing systems for water tanks.
Waterproofing system for high water heads.
Sealing and protection of bridge decks, tunnels, cooling towers, balconies.
As anti-carbonation coating in new and repair protection system.

Triguard INSU

TRIGUARD-INSU is single solution for heat reducing & 'Energy Saving', waterproofing and antifungal characteristics, acrylic emulsion based elastomeric waterproof coating. Features & Benefits
* Heat Insulation - Deflects heat and reduces interior temperature and cooling costs, and provides high resistance to corrosion, heat shock and chemical changes, thereby making a building more energy efficient
* UV and IR resistant - Resistance to UV & IR emission protects coating from damage and reduces heat conductivity.
* Crack bridging capacity existing up to 0.6 mm.
* Microbial resistant - Resistance to algae and fungus growth.
* Toxicity-Non - Toxic & water based system.
* Adhesion: Excellent adhesion surfaces such as concrete, masanory, wood, metals etc.
* Saving - Reduced AC requirements & electricity costs, increases occupancy comfort.
* Waterproofing -Excellent waterproofing properties

Triguard HB 300

TRIGUARD HB 300 is a two component, solvent free epoxy coating specially formulated for potable water storage tanks. It is formulated for maintaining hygiene of highest standard, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and ease of cleanability.
NTC approved for food grade test
* 100% Non Volatiles.
* Prevents contact of potable water and concrete and hence contamination.
* Seamless and hygienic finish.
* Easy cleaning and low maintenance.
* Easy to apply.
* Excellent bonding for long term durability.
* Good Chemical resistance.
* Can be applied on concrete and steel surfaces.
TRIGUARD HB 300 is a high performance coating specially designed to provide clean, corrosion resistant, bacteria resistant surface that could be used for highest contamination prevention requirement of potable water tanks.

Triguard FR

TRIGUARD FR is a water-based, intumescent coating that can withstand extreme temperatures for a longer period of time (up to One hours). TRIGUARD FR is non-toxic and environmentally safe. TRIGUARD FR has no toxic fumes, little or no odor and has passed the stringent requirements for solvents and emissions fumes or gases.TRIGUARD FR contains fire to its room of origin.
By protecting the walls and ceilings and preventing them from contributing to the fire, TRIGUARD FR will limit the amount of combustible materials available for flashover. This will prevent the fire from spreading or, at a minimum, slow it down thus giving people time to escape and firemen time to arrive and safely save property.

Triguard Wall Prime

TRIGUARD WALL PRIME is an acrylic base polymer suitable primer to providing penetration, adhesion and sealing property.
* High dry and wet adhesion.
* Reduces permeability.
* Not affected by ultra violet light versatile.
* Cost effective.
* Not effected by chemical ranging from mild acids to strong alkalies.
* Reduce or prevents salt penetration and carbonation of concrete substrates.
* Low temperature film formation.
TRIGUARD WALL PRIME can be used as primer coat that provide adhesive and sealing properties to final coat .