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Tank Coating

Tri Polarcon Pvt Ltd is best tank coating services in India. If you run a business in India that relies on storage tanks, then one of your fundamental concerns should be maintaining the integrity of those tanks. After all, a bit of corrosion in storage tank can quickly lead to a disaster for your business and any public close-by.
You might be admiring how an industrial painting can support your storage tank to remain safe. The answer is corrosion preservation. The substance of your storage tank can cause that tank to corrode over time, making it affected to breakages that could potentially be harmful.
But with a solid coating of paint on its liner, your storage tank will be far less affected to corrosion thanks to the possessive qualities of a lining painting. If you’re in the market for a quality tank lining, please call the industrial painting contractors at Tri Polarcon Pvt Ltd best tank Coating Services in India.



TRILFOR EP25 is a two part 100% solid epoxy resin priming system.It is suitable for priming concrete surfaces prior to the application of any of the triflor range of resin based floor toppings.


TRIGUARD HB 300 is a two component, solvent free epoxy coating specially formulated for potable water storage tanks. It is formulated for maintaining hygiene of highest standard, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and ease of cleanability...