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Structural Anticorrosive Coating

Tri Polarcon Pvt Ltd is leading structural Anticorrosion coatings manufacturer and contractor in India. We provide the latest in structural coating services to ensure your project has the ultimate protection against water damage and degradation. One of our fast, low-cost services is our structural coating. Anti-corrosion coatings are modern systems of protection against the aggressive environment. Anti-corrosion coatings are used to protect steel, concrete and reinforced concrete structures.


Triguard EPZP

Triguard EPZP , an epoxy zinc Phosphate primer, is supplied as a single component grey-coloured liquid based on metallic zinc and epoxy
Uses Triguard EPZP is the recommended anti-corrosion primer for exposed steel reinforcement for use with repair mortars. The product provides a barrier to further corrosive elements such as chlorides attacking the steel. Compatible with all mortars and fluid micro-concretes.
• Excellent protective barrier to the steel from further corrosive attack
• Single component product - easy to use with no restrictive pot-life
• Time saving - touch dry after 15 - 45 minutes
• Economical - single component ensures almost no waste

Triguard PUAR/PUAL

Triguard PU Topcoat High Gloss is a two component, polyurethane topcoat (direct to metal) with a high gloss finish. This Topcoat contains anti corrosion chemicals offering excellent corrosion protection. Application enables fast operation – reducing costs, excellent air-dry und force dry capabilities. All Toners are chromate and lead free and provides excellent UV protection. Advantages:- Excellent corrosion resistance
• Excellent water and blister resistance
• High gloss
•Excellent adhesion (especially to metal substrates, such as steel, galvanized steel or untreated aluminum)
• Excellent exterior durability
• Ambient self-crosslinking offers excellent chemical and solvent resistance
• Industrial Maintenance Finishes for steel and concrete
• Commercial Architectural Finishes for metal
• Institutional Coatings for concrete and masonry
• DIY Metal Coatings
• General Industrial Finishes for metal
• Transportation Coatings (e.g., railcar, shipping containers)