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Exterior Coating

Tri Polarcon Pvt Ltd is Best exterior coating services in India. Our services enhance far beyond designing custom industrial coatings. We work with our customers all over the course of their project, from product selection to devising the proper quality control plans and maintenance procedures that will ensure the long life of their selected coating or lining system.
We give facility owners and managers with an on-site review to resolve the pressures their facilities will exert on its coating system, specification consulting for coating system recommendations, the full product-line opinion for the industry and more.


Triguard Wall Prime

TRIGUARD WALL PRIME is an acrylic base polymer suitable primer to providing penetration, adhesion and sealing property.
• High dry and wet adhesion.
• Reduces permeability.
• Not affected by ultra violet light versatile.
• Cost effective.
• Not effected by chemical ranging from mild acids to strong alkalies.
• Reduce or prevents salt penetration and carbonation of concrete substrates.
• Low temperature film formation.
TRIGUARD WALL PRIME can be used as primer coat that provide adhesive and sealing properties to final coat .

Triguard Elastica

Acrylic based highly elastomeric waterproof coating having excellent flexibility that prevents peeling, fungi / algae growth, future cracks, weathering resistance and water seepage.
• Exterior RCC surface,
• Masonry walls or facades,
• Stone walls
• Asbestos
• Sloping roofs

Features / Advantages -
• High build coating
• Excellent elongation
• Crack bridging capacity existing up to 0.5mm.
• Breathability for preventing moisture in walls and roofs (MICROPOROUS).
• Can be applied on damp surfaces.
• Excellent alkali resistance
• Resistance to chalking & flaking
• UV resistant for outstanding durability
• Excellent water resistance

Triguard INSU

TRIGUARD-INSU is single solution for heat reducing & ‘Energy Saving’, waterproofing and antifungal characteristics, acrylic emulsion based elastomeric waterproof coating. Features & Benefits
• Heat Insulation - Deflects heat and reduces interior temperature and cooling costs, and provides high resistance to corrosion, heat shock and chemical changes, thereby making a building more energy efficient
• UV and IR resistant - Resistance to UV & IR emission protects coating from damage and reduces heat conductivity.
• Crack bridging capacity existing up to 0.6 mm.
• Microbial resistant – Resistance to algae and fungus growth.
• Toxicity-Non – Toxic & water based system.
• Adhesion: Excellent adhesion surfaces such as concrete, masanory, wood, metals etc.
• Saving – Reduced AC requirements & electricity costs, increases occupancy comfort.
• Waterproofing –Excellent waterproofing properties

Triguard FR

TRIGUARD FR is a water-based, intumescent coating that can withstand extreme temperatures for a longer period of time (up to One hours). TRIGUARD FR is non-toxic and environmentally safe. TRIGUARD FR has no toxic fumes, little or no odor and has passed the stringent requirements for solvents and emissions fumes or gases.TRIGUARD FR contains fire to its room of origin.
By protecting the walls and ceilings and preventing them from contributing to the fire, TRIGUARD FR will limit the amount of combustible materials available for flashover. This will prevent the fire from spreading or, at a minimum, slow it down thus giving people time to escape and firemen time to arrive and safely save property.