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Polysulphide Sealant



Trikol PP is a porus primer used for trikol 625G,trikol 625P,concrete surfaces,natural stone,bricks and stained timber frame,glazed tile.
By Brush or Spray, Take required quantity from original container to small bowl for use. The container must be closed as soon as possible. This product is hygroscopic in nature.
About  TRIKOL 625G


TRIKOL 625G is a two part joint sealant based on a liquid polysulphide polymer. It is supplied in a tin containing a base component and curing agent in the correct proportions which, when mixed together, cure to form a tough rubber-like material. When cured, the sealant exhibits excellent adhesion to most surfaces including concrete, aluminum.
Features & Benefits
• Excellent adhesion and Cohesion
• High elasticity
• Fast curing
• UV resistance
Areas of Application
Sealing Vertical structural expansion
• joints in most civil engineering structures like high rise buildings, roof terraces, basement.
• Structural floor joints, parapet wall & ceilings.
• Internal and external wall claddings.
• Sealing of joints in water retaining structures such as Reservoirs, Dams, Canals, and Culverts.
• Vehicular and pedestrian traffic pavements of concrete


TRIKOL 625P is a two-part elastomeric sealant based on a liquid polysulphide polymer which when mixed with accelerator (curing agent) cures by chemical reaction to form a tough, flexible rubber seal. This sealant has excellent Fuel resistance, adhesion to different substrates like masonry, concrete with excellent movement accommodation.
Areas of Application
For sealing and maintenance of horizontal joints in Aircraft fuelling areas, Oil terminals, Garage forecourts, Concrete Roads, Parking and cargo Areas,Warehouses,Industrial Floors
Features & Benefits
• Cold applied
• Pour ability & self-leveling
• UV resistant
• Flame and fuels resistance
• Good weather ability