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Tri Polarcon Pvt Ltd is best morter serviceprovider in India. Mortar is the substance that is utilized to join bricks when constructing a wall. Mortar is used for brickwork construction, flooring, plastering, and finishing, which will be in a wet state for the application. This kind of mortar is made up of the raw materials that are required to make a substance that can be used to make a solid brick wall. The dry mix is greatly different from job-site mortars. Dry-mix mortars are assembled in a special factory with dedicated facilities on batching and blending of all the necessary factors in the controlled process. In this way, different types of dry-mix mortar products with well-defined assets and performance to meet specific requirements and applications can be produced.

About Trikol TAE


High performance for narrow joints (>3mm) in small format paving. Jointing mortar for small format natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block paved surfaces with narrow joints (>3 mm) and light to medium traffic loads, such as patios, footpaths, driveways etc.