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Thin Film Coating

Thin Film Coating

We Manufacture and supply Thin floor Coating material across India. A thin film coating is a coat of material ranging from fractions of a nanometer (monolayer) to several micrometers in thickness. As a result, our products are covered by the industry's only Lifetime Warranty.

About Triflor EP25

Triflor EP25

TRILFOR EP25 is a two part 100% solid epoxy resin priming system.It is suitable for priming concrete surfaces prior to the application of any of the triflor range of resin based floor toppings. The long-term durability of the applied TRIFLOR EP25 is dependent on the adhesive bond achieved between the flooring material and substrate. It is most important therefore, that substrate surfaces are correctly prepared prior to application.
• It has low viscosity with maximum penetration, soaking into the capillary pores.
• It also strengthens the top layer of substrate.
• It has excellent adhesion to metal and concrete substrate.
• It is compatible with subsequent Epoxy and Polyurethane Top Coats.
About Triflor SLUL

Triflor SLUL

TRIFLOR SLUL is self smoothing, solvent free, epoxy underlay system designed to provide a flat and level surface to lay epoxy floor coating and toppings.TRIFLOR SLUL is designed for 1- 4 mm thick application. The cured material produces a dense, colored, matt surface, and exhibits excellent bond with the prepared substrate and with the topping.
• Increase strength and load carrying capacity of the floor.
• Provides a flat and level surface
• Seamless
• Quick & easy to lay
• Excellent bond with substrate and toppings Uses TRIFLOR SLUL provides an economical method of leveling floors prior to laying epoxy toppings or coatings such as TRIFLOOR series TRIFLOR SLUL is applied on uneven floor surface prior to application of chemical and wear resistant toppings. Application areas include:
• Loading/unloading bays
• Warehouses & store rooms
• Tool rooms, workshops and service stations
• Equipment stores and auxiliary areas
• Manufacturing & packing areas
About Triflor TC 250

Triflor TC 250

Triflor TC 250is based on carefully selected solvent less Epoxy resin composition. It is a four component system consisting of base, hardener and hard wearing quartz fillers and Pigment paste. It is a self leveling composition and forms a very smooth, attractive hygienic, hard wearing and chemical resistant floor topping.
• Hygienic – It provides joint less flooring making it dust free and is easy to clean because of smooth surface.
• Chemical Resistant – It has excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals.
• Wear Resistant – It provides a tough floor topping to withstand foot and light vehicular traffic.
• Aesthetics – It is available in various colour shades to provide attractive floor finish.
Triflor TC 250 is recommended for use where extremely hygienic, abrasion, chemical resistant and dust free environment is required. It is ideally suited for following industries.
Pharmaceutical Industries, Electronic Assembly Areas, Clean Rooms, Food Processing Industries.