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Polyurethane Sealant



Trikol EPU two-part pouring grade sealant is formulated from a blend of epoxy and urethane polymers. The mixed sealant is self levelling and can be poured directly into horizontal joints to form a tough resilient seal possessing a limited degree of flexibility.
Trikol EPU is available in a range of attractive colours with a separate colour pack providing visual mixing control.
For sealing internal floor joints subject to heavy industrial use in factories, food processing areas, warehouses and maintenance facilities. Particularly suitable for sawn joints in long strip flooring and other large internal areas.
• Load bearing for support of arrises under heavy wheel load
• Good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbon fuels
• Excellent adhesion without primer to dry clean concrete
• Pouring grade ensures ease of placing
• Suitable for use in wide joints
• Self levelling to produce uniform and neat joints


TRIKOL 1KPU is an elastic, single component, gun-grade, moisture curing polyurethane sealant specifically developed to be used in building facade expansion joints where high elasticity is required. The product is suitable for sealing joints in pre-cast elements, external walling, curtain walling and cladding, panel walls, window and door perimeter sealing etc.
TRIKOL 1KPU Benefits
●One part, reduces the possibility of applicator error and possible joint failure
●Excellent thixotropy - non-sag
●Elastic low modulus
●Pitch-free - over paintable
●Movement capability +/- 25%
●Bubble-free curing, no weak areas for air bubbles to develop
●Excellent resistance to weathering.
●Very good adhesion to most construction materials especially concrete without the need of primer
●Permanently elastic over a wide range of temperatures